Saturday, 6 January 2018

Kickstart the New Year

2017 had been fantastic. Graduated from my bachelor's degree and started my masters!! Throughout the year, I had a wonderful time spending the holidays with my family, meeting people from all walks of life, saying goodbye to my pharmacy school classmates, making new friends and embarking on a whole new different journey. 

Here's a bit on my new adventure in Taylor's.

Taking up a masters degree is always something I had at the back of my mind. I have always thought about it, but I never got round to researching it. So, after my finals in June, I was looking around at my prospects. A few emails later, I got a place at Taylor's. I'm lucky to have a fantastic supervisor who is so willing to teach and share (and tolerate my stupidity). This project has really been mind-challenging, I would say.  I've learned so much these past months, from reading articles after articles, scientific writing, learning the ropes on Linux, Maestro, Gromacs, my first presentation to critical thinking. Thank god for Google!!

Taylor's University has a really nice "university" environment. I believe the atmosphere does actually make a difference. I enjoy being here everyday, despite spending all my time in the lab. The environment here makes me want to work harder, to learn faster, to get better at what I'm doing. It feels like I'm back in UBC where everyday was enjoyable. For now, I practically own the lab, as I'm the sole pharmacy postgraduate student doing computational chemistry. Everyone here is nice and the service is a lot better than my previous university. They actually take the time to tend to your problems. 

I've made a few good friends here in the first couple of months. From the two compulsory classes that postgrad students have to take, I've met a group of people whom I liked spending time with. Vivi, the first friend I made in Taylor's and also my first Indonesian friend is doing Master of Science. She works in the lab one floor above mine. Ricky, my other Indonesian friend, and Desmond are from the engineering school. We meet only twice a week for classes, but I had a great time getting to know them. We went out for a few hangout sessions and I really enjoyed myself. But classes are over now and we don't have to take any more modules in the coming semesters, so I'll really miss the times we had.

How time flies. Here are some pictures looking back at 2017.

CNY 2017

First and last clinical competition

UCSI Pharmacy Class of 2017

Prom Night
Holiday! (Penang)

Cameron Highlands
My birthday

Started school at Taylor's

My new friends

First symposium

Mag's birthday

Hospice dinner
2018 is so far so good. Today is only the sixth day and I'm feeling motivated. Came back from Christmas and New Year, and a new computer has been set up in the lab. Thesis proposal defense is next Friday and I'm working hard practicing and getting all the information ready for the presentation and Q&A session. I've been working hard all week, spending my time in the lab to get myself familiar with the tools and software, encountered lots of problems and solving my problems (with lots of help from my supervisor). Research is definitely not easy, but I'm enjoying it right now. I'm really hoping for my presentation to go smoothly. All my work in the past 6 months, hopefully has prepared me for it.

Celebrating another year with love and happiness. Cheers to a good start!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Finally Graduated

Convocation has came and gone. I'm now in a new phase of life.

Let's talk about convocation first. It was held on 12th August 2017, Saturday. An auspicious ceremony to end my 4 years of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in UCSI University. I was glad to be awarded First Class Honours after all the toil and sweat. I hope my family is proud of my achievement. Without their support, I would not have come this far. A huge 'thank you' to mom and dad for sponsoring, supporting and guiding me throughout my studies.

In the UCSI hall of fame

Dinner with the entire family (missing Jingster)
On Monday, 14th August 2017, it was the Dean's List Award Ceremony. Got my certificate for my final Dean's List, met my classmates for the last time and made an impromptu speech. My journey in UCSI has finally ended.

My new journey started a week later, 20th August 2017. I enrolled into Taylor's University for Master in Philosophy (Pharmaceutical Sciences). The programme has started for a week already and I'm enjoying myself here. Orientation on the first day was a little intimidating when I saw the range of students taking up postgrad studies. Some were in their 40s, and some were like me who had just graduated. I was so glad to have met Vivi. She's pursuing Master in Science and she had help me a lot throughout this week. The environment in Taylor's Uni is completely different from that of UCSI. People here are actually nice, friendly and helpful, and the service is impeccable. I'm staying in the hostel, a pretty decent but tiny room. Shops here made everything so convenient. No more climbing up and down the slope in UCSI!! I was given a working space in the lab, and I've been spending my past week there doing my literature review. The title of my project is "Application of MM/PBSA methods to binding affinity prediction of GPCRs." I'll be working with docking software for these 2 years here under Dr Jason. Fingers crossed to a successful project!

Cheers to a new start!!!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Free Days

I have completed my bachelor's degree!!!!!!! Next step - a master degree.

I had my last final exam on 15th of June and got my results a week later. First class honors!!!! All my hard work paid off.

On the 17th of June, which was mom's 50th birthday, I attended the Oath Taking Ceremony. It was a memorable event. We took our oaths and it was prom night after that. Had good food and performances. Mom and dad came to KL and stayed at the hotel where the ceremony was held. Spent the night with them after that. It was a night to remember.

During Hari Raya, we went to Penang for a well-deserved holiday. Stayed at Golden Sands Resort. We played volleyball and sat by the pool, ate scrumptious food and had family bonding time. We also celebrated mom's birthday, with a complementary cake by the hotel. Before we left Penang, we visited our pen pals. It was great catching up with them.

I have been spending time at home for the past few weeks. I keep myself busy with my PRP application. And guess what?! I'm taking MPhil (Pharmacy) in Taylor's University. I'm now at the final steps of application and will start in August, a week after convocation. I am kind of excited for this new chapter in my life!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Road to Graduation

Today's my last day of classes. 3 weeks of study break and 3 more weeks of finals before the big day!!! This semester was pretty hectic, especially with the clerkship. I don't think I'm cut out for hospitals. Too many germs. Have been really thinking of continuing my studies to get a masters.

I'm pretty scared of what's lying ahead. Will I get a placement for  training? Am I cut out for work? Should I continue studying? Hopefully everything will turn out right.

It kinda hurt me when I'm not invited to any of the gatherings. Am I of no significance? But then people like these should not be of significance to me either. True friends will always be there for you. This phase will soon be my past and the future awaits. I'm lucky to have such a  loving family to fall back on. And this makes me think, when can I start my own family? When will I meet the right guy?

7 more subjects to go before graduation. I must ace all of the subjects. No more blunders. Study hard and all my hard work will soon be paid off. First class honors, here I come.

To graduation. Cheers!!


National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge


Friday, 4 November 2016

Final Year

These past few months just flew by. Its like I just came back from Vancouver and it's almost the end of the semester. Time to study hard for finals.

I have just been through the most hectic week of my life. Had TDM clerkship with Mr Fazlollah. It was like torture. And now I have to complete my case report. Had 2 exams. Religions final and Hospital Pharmacy Practice quiz. I was also scheduled to do a presentation on my research in UBC, but time ran out, and I didn't have to present!

Hospital clerkship in Hospital Selayang
PBL Group 4
I had a pretty fun semester. Went out a lot during the first few weeks for birthday parties. Got to deliver a speech and perform in a band on Family Engagement day. And not to mention, receive my Dean's list award. Hoping to get it again for these two final semesters!!!

Dean's List

With my band

I was reminiscing the wonderful times I had in UBC and Vancouver while preparing for my presentation the other day. Missing it so much.

Moraine Lake

Canada Day

Canadian moose!

Gastown Steam Clock
With my housemates in Fairview Crescent

Capilano Suspension Bridge - Cliffwalk

Theatre Under The Stars - Beauty and The Beast

Celebrating our birthdays in Vancouver!

Museum of Anthropology

Athabasca Glacier

On the Ferry - Day trip to Victoria

Roger's Pass
Another two more weeks of clerkship before study break. The worst part of the clerkship is that I have to drag myself up at 5am! And after the clerkship, we have case reports due the next day. So no sleep!!

Looking forward to the semester break. Cheers!